gravity die casting

Aluminium Castings & Aluminium Components

If you require an aluminium casting or fabricated component Alsure can provide the support and service to achieve your objective based on over twenty years of experience.

Aluminium Gravity Die Castings

Alsure's modern, well-equipped foundry can produce gravity die castings to your specification, including heat treatment. Our in-house tool room will maintain your dies at no extra cost to ensure they are always ready to produce your castings to the expected quality and form.

Aluminium Fabricated Products

Alsure combines castings from the foundry with extruded aluminium sections to produce fabricated components for a variety of industries. We utilise our tool room to design and produce detailed jigs and fixtures required to ensure consistent quality and compliance.

Welding Tubular Components

The Alsure fabrication facility has been operating successfully for over a decade, providing a reliable and cost effective service. More recently it has been necessary to further invest in both people and equipment, which has included the addition of a rotary welding machine. This has dramatically improved output of tubular components, whilst still maintaining the necessary high quality.

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If you have any enquiries regarding Alsure aluminium component services then please do not hesitate to contact us.